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502, 2022
  • Tree pose

Hatha Yoga with focus on 8 limbs of Yoga (course)

Have you been practicing Yoga postures for a while and you are interested to go a step further with your journey? Would you like to learn more about Yoga philosophy and the true meaning behind the Yoga practice? This course is dedicated to all students who would like to deepen

1204, 2021

Yoga for hikers *NEW CLASS ALERT*

There is nothing nicer then to do things you love. And if you can combine it, even better! Yoga and hiking are an important part of my life.  Weekends in the countryside are a great opportunity to recharge and meet new people. As I tend to do really long hikes

2103, 2021

How to activate your Bandhas (locks)

How many times have you heard cues as “squeeze your belly in” or “use your root lock” during a yoga class but you weren’t quite sure what does it mean or what is the purpose of it? Using Bandhas (locks) can significantly change and improve our practice. It helps us

201, 2021

Pranayama, Hatha Yoga and guided relaxation practice

Immerse yourself in this 2 hours long yoga retreat from the comfort of your home. Allow yourself to relax, recharge and perhaps to learn something new. :) As we are spending so much time indoors it is very easy to let the time slip away and to keep postponing time

2912, 2020

How to choose yoga props

When I was choosing my yoga props I felt lost. The selection is so big that it wasn’t easy to decide which props would be the best option for me. I hope that information I gathered and I am now sharing will help you to find best yoga props for

2012, 2020

Pranayama workshop – breathing techniques

Pranayama is defined as breath control practice. Inadequate breathing has negative effect to our health but we still often forget to breathe deeply and properly. The aim of the workshop is to bring back our awareness to the breath and to connect with it.  This one hour long workshop will

1810, 2020
  • Photo by David Holifield on Unsplash

What do you think yoga and chocolate have in common?

There is a thought which keeps coming back to my mind for last few days so I decided to search for some answers. Why do we need stimulants in order to feel happy and content? Why do we think this is not something we can achieve on our own? Or


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