About me

Dear students,

Welcome to the page Yoga Path Within. :)

My name is Anita and I am a certified yoga teacher of Hatha Yoga, Yoga for people living with cancer and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

Yoga has been attracting my interest in different forms since I was a teenager. But I only started to practice it in my early thirties.

At first, I have seen it as a complementary exercise – after an intense functional workout yoga class would help me to stretch in order to avoid muscles soreness. Although I enjoyed those classes very much at that point I was still not ready to surrender to it. My restless body and mind were craving for stimulation a high intensity workout would offer them.

As the years passed by I felt like something was missing. I had stressful jobs which lead to problems with insomnia. I was over stimulated and couldn’t sleep for very long periods of time. At that point I felt again allured by yoga. Very soon I realised amazing benefits of practicing yoga. If practiced in the morning yoga assisted me to stay calm during the day and being less responsive to the stress and if practiced in the evening it helped me to sleep better. So I understood clearly that the time for a change has come.

In 2016, when I moved to London, I started to be more regular with my yoga practice. During that period a strong wish to enroll for a yoga teacher training was planted and growing inside of me. For two years I have been occasionally checking out schools but nothing seemed to be a good fit. Then my instinct guided me to check schools in Kerala (India). First school I contacted was a perfect match and I went there in Dec 2019.  My aim was to learn more about all the aspects of yoga path and improve my personal practice. But during the course a beautiful thing happened – I was inspired by my teachers Devvrat and Ania and decided to start to teach.

The message I would like to share with my students during our classes together is that yoga is really suitable for everyone. Practicing yoga doesn’t mean that you only have to do fancy poses but we all have to honour our body’s strengths and limitations. Even if we are doing modification of the postures, we can still feel all the benefits of yoga practice. With time one will gain strength, build up flexibility and endurance but what regular practitioners are aiming to achieve is the stillness of the mind, inner peace and balance.

This is exactly the reason why I have chosen the name Yoga Path Within. Although we are usually practicing yoga as a part of a group, yoga is an individual journey, a path we need to follow on our own and which will eventually lead us inward, within us. Hopefully, we would then be able to get to know ourselves better and find the answer to the question “Who am I?”.

If you feel intrigued by information I shared with you and you would like to join me and my students, you can reach me via e-mail info@yogapathwithin.com  or find me on Instagram and Facebook under the name Yoga Path Within.

Welcome and see you on the mat. :)



October 2023

Yoga for Digestive Health (50 hours)

Issuing authority: Yoga Campus (London, United Kingdom)



May 2021 

Yoga for Cancer (90 hours)

Issuing authority: Yoga Campus (London, United Kingdom)



December 2020

Restorative, Yin and Mindfulness specialized training (48 hours)

Issuing authority: YogiYoga (London, United Kingdom)



March 2020

200 Yoga Teacher Training Course – certified Yoga teacher for Hatha yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa
Issuing authority: Devvrat Yoga (Varkala, India)