Yoga Path Within is offering private classes for practitioners of Hatha yoga (beginners and intermediate level) and Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga (beginners).  Pranayama and relaxation techniques are also included in the practice.

If you are a complete beginner and not certain which of those two styles of yoga would be a good fit for you, I will introduce you to both so that you can choose if you want to continue with the practice of Hatha or Ashtanga yoga.

Yoga practitioners can enhance their practice of one of the offered yoga styles or both.

Powerful Ashtanga Vinyasa will assist you to build strength and flexibility. You will also learn to gain control of your breath in order to keep it calm and deep even when you are practicing more challenging postures.

Static practice of Hatha yoga deepens the feeling of stillness, grounding and balance. Level of the class is adjusted according to your previous knowledge and interests.

The main advantages private classes are offering is the full attention of the yoga teacher and completely individualized approach.

Private yoga classes can be used as consultation sessions in order to clarify some questions you may have or to learn something new so that one may enhance his or her personal practice. Students also decide to opt-in for private classes in order to secure a continuous guidance on their yoga path.

Private sessions for adapted classes of Yoga for Cancer are also available. You can find more information about benefits of Yoga for Cancer on following link:

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