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Are you new to yoga and you would like to start your practice under personal guidance of a supportive and reliable yoga teacher? Or you are a practitioner interested to explore deeper a specific aspect of your practice and improve further? Private yoga classes may be what you are looking for.

Private classes with Yoga Path Within include:

  • Individual approach
  • Tailor made program
  • Regular consultation about your progress
  • Timetable which suits your schedule
  • Observation of your practice
  • Modification and adjustments in order to honour strengths and limitations of your body


Great Teacher! Anita is knowledgeable, patient and positive teacher. She is very attentive to individual needs and capabilities. After each class I feel so much better and calmer. Definitely would recommend her classes.

Jelena M.

I have been practicing yoga with Anita for a few months now and I am totally hooked, feeling relax and grounded after her classes but also very energised. Her classes are great with a variety of asanas to challenge yourself at your own pace. I highly recommended Yoga Path Within.

Vanessa M.O.

I really recommend these courses. I have started yoga with Anita only since a few weeks and I don’t have anything but positive to say about the courses.

She teaches her courses with a lot of attention, making it available for everyone. I feel that I am doing exercises in a positive and relaxing atmosphere which makes me peaceful and more energetic for the rest of the day. I really enjoy her courses and feel that my body is waking up more and more every day.

Thank you so much Anita for helping me to discover yoga.

Lucie D.

Yin yoga was an amazing discovery for me. Anita is such an amazing teacher, leading us with detailed instructions. And always reminding us to be mindful. Thank you Anita for being so dedicated. You added another layer to my yoga experience.

Mihaela K.

I have attended classes with Anita for 5 months now and can wholeheartedly recommend everyone to join. The benefits are great, you feel balanced, centred and energised following the class. Anita is a superb teacher, guiding you well through the process and always catering to everyone’s ability.

Melita L.K.

I love our weekly yoga sessions with Anita. Her classes are very enjoyable. She always offers different options based on your ability so they are good for everyone. I would definitely recommend trying her classes.

Silvia F.
I love Anita’s class.
She makes my day – anytime of the day, it does not matter if it is 8am or 8pm.
After her class, I feel warm, tall and happy :)
Ikuko I.

I enjoy Anita’s classes very much. They are the most relaxing, challenging, enjoyable classes. Anita takes in consideration every pupil’s capabilities and provides way to improve. She is really a great tutor and manages also online classes at highest level. I truly recommend it!

Maria A.

Anita is a superb yoga instructor, very professional and dedicated. The classes are challenging just enough and also very relaxing. I always feel much better after a class with her.

Eva B.

Anita is an excellent yoga teacher – warm, friendly and highly professional. She will respect your capability but always take you a step further and move your boundaries. Even group practice is semi-private class since she is 100% dedicated to every participant, correcting you and suggesting how to improve. When practicing yoga with Anita you will feel the results very quickly: your physical, mental and emotional condition will improve. My sincere recommendation.

Tanja B.J.

Anita is amazing instructor (as she is in everything she does) that would professionally guide you through the world of yoga even if you are a rookie. You will just love it and impatiently wait for the next class. Thanks Anita!

Breza M.
Many thanks again for really enjoyable sessions. You are an attentive and sensitive teacher and I really felt you were present with me through your observations, feedback and the way you held the space. Our sessions together felt like such a treat, I could feel they had been designed for me and that 1:1 interaction felt like I was really receiving something special just for me. I felt you allowed me time and space to explore the postures and I never felt rushed. I felt nourished and nurtured during and after the sessions. There was also enough of a challenge to help me feel strong and empowered. Many thanks again you are a wonderful and gifted teacher.
Lisa J.
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