Yoga for hikers is suitable for all hikers and outdoors enthusiasts.

If you like hiking or going for long walks, at the end of the day your legs are usually stiff. As the body is not relaxed, this condition is often cause of a restless night and sore muscles. It also slows you down if you are hiking again the following day.

I tend to do long hikes myself and I am feeling an incredible difference if I am practicing yoga afterwards. Yoga assists the body to get rid of the tightness and muscles to soften and relax.

The aim of yoga for hikers class is to support your recovery after an active weekend out and teach you postures which you can also practice on your own whenever you feel that your body needs it.

The base of the class are yoga postures which allow deep body stretching. Yoga for hikers is a still practice and postures are held for a bit longer so that muscles can soften and release any tension you may feel. Grounded and stable body is also very important for outdoor activities so we are working on strengthening our core and back. Balancing postures are added to the practice so that you build up the confidence when hiking on more challenging terrains.

In order to join the class, you only need a yoga mat and a strap. If you don’t have a yoga strap, you can also use a towel, scarf or a blanket.

I look forward to welcoming my fellow hikers to Yoga for hikers classes. :)