Hatha Yoga beginners classes offered by Yoga Path Within are suitable for absolute beginners or students who are still developing their regular practice.

Hatha yoga is one of the six branches of yoga. The word Hatha means “force”. It reminds the practitioner that physical and spiritual components of yoga path requires effort in order to progress.

A Hatha Yoga class for beginners includes Pranayama, Asanas and meditation.

Pranayama is the Sanskrit name for breathwork exercises and awarness of our vital energy Prana. Asanas are physical postures we practice in order to build up the strength and flexibility of body and mind so that we can stay calm and motionless during meditation. The aim of meditation is to still the mind and connect to your inner self.

Traditional Hatha Yoga practice includes static poses which are usually being held for between 5 and 8 deep breaths. Postures are held longer so that students can explore it, control the breathing, achieve stillness and stay present. 

Yoga Path Within class starts with Pranayama. Whilst practicing Pranayama, the centre of attention is shifting within us. With controlled breathing exercises the student calms down, connects to the body and mind and gets ready for the yoga practice. After a gentle warm up we progress to Asana practice and end the class with guided relaxation or meditation. 

Clear, detailed instructions and demonstrations are given for every posture we practice together. I offer suggestions, tips and guidance until students reach the point where they feel safe, relaxed, stabilized and comfortable during their practice. Initial focus is on fundamental Asanas and we will slowly build up your practice further. Balancing postures are often quite a challenge for beginners so we will explore different variations until you gain the confidence.

Join me and my students on this exciting journey of inquiring your yoga path through Hatha yoga practice.