Immerse yourself in this 2 hours long yoga retreat from the comfort of your home. Allow yourself to relax, recharge and perhaps to learn something new. :)

As we are spending so much time indoors it is very easy to let the time slip away and to keep postponing time for yourself and your yoga practice. However, self – care is extremely important during this challenging period. Yoga practice has a very positive effect on our well-being and the aim of this workshop is to explore further its influence to our body and mind.

I am inviting you to join me for the Pranayama, Hatha yoga and guided relaxation practice which will include following:

  • Pranayama (control of the breath techniques) which will assist you to bring back the awarness to your breath, to calm down, relax and get ready for the practice
  • We will continue with a traditional Hatha Yoga class. The Hatha yoga practice will be adjusted to all levels. Slow movements and stillness in the posture will allow enough time to explore it. We will search for our peace and balance within.
  • We will conclude with a guided relaxation in order to challenge you but also prepare you to surrender and hopefully completely relax.

The workshop will be held on Sun, 21th of Feb 2021 from 5pm until 7pm BST / 6pm until 8pm CET

The deadline to apply for this guided yoga practice is Wed, 17th of Feb 2021.

The investment for this guided practice is £12 (early booking discount).

Applications after 17th of Feb will be possible but the attendance cost will be £16.

If you are interested to join, please contact me via e-mail or via Social Media. I will share with you the payment details and Google Meet link.

You can find out more about me on following link:

Information about yoga classes I am offering to be found on the link

I am looking forward to welcome you :)

Anita / Yoga Path Within