When I was choosing my yoga props I felt lost. The selection is so big that it wasn’t easy to decide which props would be the best option for me. I hope that information I gathered and I am now sharing will help you to find best yoga props for your personal practice.

1. The mat

There are so many options available but when you are choosing your mat keep in mind following:

– Are you a beginner or regular practitioner? This will affect the quality of the mat you want to choose. If you are just starting with yoga, there is no need to go for high quality branded mats as those often need to be “brake in”, meaning that you have to use it for a while on daily basis before the mat shows its full potential and you get ride of the film on the top of the mat.

– Will you be practicing a dynamic or static style of yoga? This will affect the type of mat you will choose and the thickness of it. When practicing a Vinyasa style yoga you want to feel protected but also to have a good grip so a 5 mm thick mat should be enough. For Yin Yoga you would probably want to have more protection so you would opt in for a thicker mat. Consider also the surface on which you are mostly using your mat – the carpet will already offer you some support but the wooden floor or tiles can be quite uncomfortable so a thicker mat would be more suitable.

– Will you use that mat at home or you will carry it around to the yoga studio or in your suitcase? There are mats designed for traveling which are much lighter than the regular mats we are using at home.

– Choose among different lengths of the mats based on your height.

– There are also different kind of materials available on the market: eco materials (cork, recycled rubber, jute, cotton) or PVC materials.

My personal choice is the 5 mm thick Jade Harmony. It is made from eco friendly materials, it has a great grip and stickiness is just right so that you don’t slip. Furthermore, for every mat they sell https://jadeyoga.com/ plants a tree.

2. Blocks

When you purchase blocks, choose the ones for yoga in order to get the right quality, thickness and endurance. Have at least two blocks available for your practice.

3. Bolster

This is a must have prop if you are practicing Restorative or Yin Yoga. You can choose different size, weight or shape (flat or rounded). The fillings are also different – cotton, fibre, buckwheat hulls. It will be practical from the hygienic point of view if you choose a bolster with a removable cover which you can wash.

My personal choice was a bolster made from hemp and filled with organic buckwheat hulls.

4. A strap

I haven’t researched it much but I am using a very cheap one which does its job. Just be careful to choose the one with a buckle as you will be able to use it in many different modifications of the asanas.

Let me know your thoughts regarding this post about yoga props and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. :)


Photo by Valentina Sotnikova on Unsplash