As your Hatha Yoga journey develops, you are ready to move forward with your practice. You prepare yourself to work on more advanced Asanas (postures) and Pranayama (breathwork) techniques.

With regular Hatha Yoga practice students learn to

  • Recognise basic yoga postures
  • Gain confidence and independency whilst practicing basic postures
  • Develop awarness of the body in basic postures and being able to align themselves
  • Control their breath
  • Understand the connection between breath and movement in yoga practice
  • Start to develop their personal meditation practice
  • Reach principal understanding of yoga philosophy

If you can assimilate to most of above mentioned points and you are a confident yoga practitioner, classes for intermediate level students will assist you to enhance your practice further.

Intermediate level Hatha yoga class includes more complex postures. Teacher is explaining and demonstrating all new postures and she is then safely guiding you into the posture.  Alignment awarness is constantly present. I am instructing students how to use their breath in order to soften the muscles and find stillness and comfort in the posture. Although grounding postures will continue to be an important part of the practice, more demanding balancing Asanasa are also incorporated. Inversions practice is intensified during intermediate level yoga class.

I am encouraging you to engage in exploration of different variations of Asanas and challenging your practice and dedication. 

Breathing techniques and guided meditations are also included in our classes. Control of the breath is getting more subtle at this level and therefore more complicated breathing exercises are introduced. 

My aim is to prepare you for your individual journey by sharing with you the knowledge which will allow you to also practice yoga on your own.  Continuous group classes attendance can then be used to improve further or to clarify with the teacher any doubts or questions you may have.